Freedooooooooooommmmmm!!!!!!  (Can you hear what’s-his-face saying that in Braveheart?  Caleb’s going to be disappointed that I don’t remember what’s-his-face’s name.  But I’m getting off the subject.)


I’m not sure what we were exactly free from; it just seemed like an appropriate title, and I type these posts without thinking much about what I’m saying.  I think it was freedom from the “To-Do’s” of this life or the schedule or the daily “stuff.”  Whatever it was, it was fun.  It was necessary.  It was a girls’ trip to the metropolis of Kansas City.



Oh, the laughter, the talking, the late nights and sleeping in until the late hour of 8:00 (that’s good enough for me!).  The screaming on roller coasters and stuffing our faces full of cheesecake and snacks.  The shivering after a good dousing at the water park, the picnic in the rain.


DSC00233  DSC00228



I heard a sermon just a couple days ago about how you know a person at church and say, “Hi, how are you?  How’s life?  Yada, yada, yada…”  THEN you take a trip with that person and it takes the relationship to a whole new level.  I have no idea what the sermon was about, but that one little point stuck with me, and it is so true!  Hahaha…so true.  May life be full of such trips sprinkled here and there amidst the bustle of life.  And though insignificant annoyances might crop up once or twice (’cause when does that NOT happen when you live with someone for a few days?), that’s what makes friendships go ’round, enjoying each other during the good, the bad and the ugly, the silly, the serious and the memorable.  DSC00222

So, Megan, Amanda and Gretchen, thanks for the memories!DSC00219