I sure do.  I joined a weekend girls’ trip to Kansas City (more on that awesomeness tomorrow!) and our first stop was to visit that sweetest couple in the world.  I’ve known them for years and years; they are the grandparents of one of my elementary/grade/middle/high school classmates.  (If indeed I had what one would consider “classmates” as a child schooled at home.)  Anyway, the plays, the music recitals, the sports events, the church stuff…they were often there to cheer on their grand kids, so we got to know each other as I grew up.

The four of us traveling females were welcomed with open arms (literally) from the very first moment we stepped into their home.  And who doesn’t love a home cooked meal that you didn’t have to cook yourself?  I loved the relaxed, welcoming home they’ve created – the soft music in the background, the laughter, the delish food.  Mrs. Westphal is a hostess with the mostest, making sure everything is just so and everyone is comfortable.  Mr. Westphal is a bit shy and so very cute in his shyness.  He asked questions and apologized for bugging us and such, all the while a little grin tugging at him mouth and a twinkle in his eyes.  (I just realized that I asked him bunches of questions and never once thought about apologizing for bugging him.  Oh well, I don’t think he minded.)

We didn’t stay long.  Just enough time to eat and visit and have ice cream with fresh cherries on top that they bought in Washington state (I mean, how delightful is that?!) and take some pictures and hop back into the car for our girls’ adventure.  But it sure was a wonderful and memorable beginning to our time in great ol’ Kansas City.