I’ve mentioned it several times before, but I’ll say it again.  I am blessed with great friends.  And today, two of my friends and me sat on the grass under big shade trees in a small town park and chatted away.

Ants crawled up our legs; their babies squirmed and kids played; Sonic drinks that Carrie so kindly brought refreshed; we talked; and a breeze and the shade cooled the temperatures (except for Carrie who is a suffering Coloradan in summertime Kansas).

New friendships are wonderful and important and can turn into old friendships, regardless of time.  (Have you ever had a new friend that seemed like an old friend though you’ve known them a comparatively short time?)  Yet old friendships, the kind of friendships that you know will last forever, that have already endured the test of time, those are the friendships that comfort me.

Thanks Carrie and Amy for a loverly afternoon!