I always hated sewing.  I’m not sure why.  Mom tried to teach me when I was younger, but I was more interested in seeing just how fast the machine could go instead of seeing if it was going in the right direction.  It also might have had something to do with the sewing machine being in the basement with a few tiny windows and the lessons were in the summer…I had better things to do than being stuck in the basement in the summer, right?

Well, a couple years ago, I decided to make a T-shirt quilt; I’m not sure if I fully realized that would involve sewing?  But it was fun!  I LOVED it and would go down to the basement every free hour to work on the project.  Mom would be around and patiently answer my questions.  I must say, I was quite proud of the final project (even though it was just a T-shirt quilt).  Tracey, one of my sewing fiend sisters and the one I would pay or cajole into doing my mending, said of the end result that she was impressed how well I had done and how nice it looked.  Yes, I puffed up a little at that.  *ahem*

So, with the finale of the front room, I now have to furnish said room and put up curtains and have pillows and such.  Desperate hopes of finding pre-made curtains were dashed, so I trounced off to the fabric stores and taped swatches on a board and compared and asked opinions and questioned and scoured the internet and Pinterest and finally decided upon just the right stuff.  Now to the sewing…

Thankfully, my aforementioned sewing fiend sister let me invade her basement (which does have windows) and patiently guided me along.  I finished one panel Saturday afternoon and a second one today.  It was EASY!!!!!!!  Straight lines here, nothing but straight lines.  It went super fast too.  Oh, and Tracey said at the end that it looked professional.  Yes, a little more puffing up occurred on my part.

IMG_9795.  🙂