Mom always used to say that when we were growing up.  And it’s true.

I started another room project in our house even though the front room isn’t completely finished.  It’s our library!  ‘Cause every house needs a library, and this room will make a perfect one.  (Just for the record, Caleb has always insisted on calling it the “nursery,” but since we DON’T have a need for one of those right now, and we DO have a definite need for a library, I shall insist on my name for the room.)  There, that’s out of the way.

The room has two layers of wallpaper, and knowing my tendency to under-estimate the time needed for a project, I thought it would take a while to prep the walls.  Well, to my delight and pleasure, Glorie, mom, Ellie and Christy came over for a couple hours to help.  Boy, did it ever go quickly!  No, the walls aren’t done, but we did make a big dent in tearing things off.

Thanks, my dear fam, for helping out and giving me this blessing!