Well, this technically occurred last night, but I am counting it for today’s blessing.

Last evening, I got around and headed out to Caleb’s softball double header.  It was special tonight because The Man worked today but decided to take off for the two evening games, thus I got to see him without driving all the way up to his station.  Bonus!

Arrived at the park around start time and visited with the sis-in-law during the game.  Game over, going to talk to Caleb before the next one started, and then someone told me that was the second game they just finished.  Whoops!  They were 6:30/7:30 games, not 7:30/8:30 like he had told me.

Oh, blissful evening because that meant my sweetiekins didn’t have to be back to work until 10:30 because of his mistake in game time.  ‘Twas like a mini date.  We drove to Sonic; we chatted; we walked through the park, sometimes discussing things, sometimes silent, the path always lined with blinking lightning bugs.  We leaned up against the car and just talked until he had to go.  It felt so much like when we were dating – not having a destination, a point, things to do, a place to be…just killing time together.