I don’ wanna be thankful.  I don’ wanna think of a blessing.  I don’ wanna be happy.  I’m perfectly content in my poor-is-me attitude, in thinking that people should seek to please me more, in sulking and sipping my Starbucks frap (that I bought because it’s that kind of day three days).

What’s so horrible, you ask?!  Who died?  What disaster hast struck?  Nothing, no one, nada thing.  I’m just moping.

Ummm, then why am I writing on my daily blessing blog?  ‘Cause that’s kind of opposite of the purpose, right?

Well, sort of and sort of not because in the blechyness of life, there’s is also blessing.  And, really, when is there a better time to write on a blessing blog than when I’m down in the dumps and need to get my eyes back on the goodness of God?

So, today I write about the blessing of being blah.  Life is like the stock market (because the market is kind of my world in the world of work), without the downs, there would be no ups.  So quit panicking when things go south, I must tell myself. I might not enjoy the ride down, but I can look forward to the way back up that’s sure to come.

Until then, I’ll keep sipping my Starbucks.