Caleb is playing on the church softball team again this year.  While it adds stuff to do two evenings a week, I enjoy it immensely.  It’s a time to sit and relax, Sonic drink in hand, a time to guiltlessly do nothing but watch and visit with friends (good friends who say, “Hey, you’d better turn around, your husband is batting.”  We cover each others back like that.)



The games around Independence Day are my favorites.  The guys play while citizens of our fair town light up the night sky all around with their explosions.  It’s the epitomy of an all – American night (even though we’re watching softball, not baseball). I didn’t manage to get a picture of the fireworks going on, so close your eyes and picture it.

The games have been so much fun this year, too, because most of them have been close with us winning towards the end.  Who doesn’t like a close game?  Oh, and the mother of three of the guys was sitting next to me this night, the mother of eight boys (I think it’s eight) who all grew up (or are growing up)  playing baseball.  Not only was it fun to visit with her, but sitting next to a mom who is well-versed in the sport and who gets into the game, cheering and jumping up and clapping and totally engrossed in winning…priceless.


Oh, the good ol’ summertime.  Oh, the love of a good game.