Well, we finally made it to Aaron’s baseball and Glorie’s softball games this evening.  We sort of made it to Aaron’s game.  I attempted to make supper in record time; supper refused to be made in record time; the first attempt of pizza flopped; a second attempt had to be made.  (Really, how can you mess up pizza?  It’s supposed to be easy!)  Anyway, we got to the game halfway in, in time to see him play but not bat.  😦  Oh well.  We had fun anyway, and, hopefully, we’ll see him bat another day.


I sat there watching, and after 20 minutes or so, I said, “Is that Matthew?!”  Yep, the coach out there running the pitching machine was Mattman.  I’m very observant, obviously.  He just looked so…grown up!  *sigh*  I remember when…haha, ok, I’ll stop.  I didn’t get a picture of him though.  I tried, but my camera kept dying, so I kept licking the battery to maybe extend the life.  It tasted gross, so I stopped, therefore, my battery didn’t work no more.

Glorie’s game was much shadier.  Thank you, Glorie!  I like that park better.  She did great. We had fun.  The end.