Have you ever done it?  It’s silly; it’s pointless; it’s kind of fun.

I wanted to see the really, really big moon everyone is talking about.  Soooo, I wandered out last night in my comfy shorts and T-shirt and  flip flops, kind of stumbled down the steps as I craned my neck back to look high into the sky.  I circled around; I backed up; I looked left and right.  Really?  When does the moon come up anyway?  We couldn’t find it.  Caleb and I couldn’t figure out if it was too early or if there were clouds or if the trees were blocking the view.  Something was wrong because we never did find that moon.

By that time, we were in the middle of the street.  The Man look both ways and then laid down, right there in the middle of the street.  I joined him, and we looked into the starless, moonless, maybe cloudy, maybe too-light sky.  It was a beautiful evening for laying there in the middle of the street.  I must admit, it’s not the first time of middle-of-the-street laying.  My mom introduced me to it in her small hometown.  Hey, you live in a small town in the middle of Kansas, you gotta find fun some way.

Aaaahhh, the blessings of small towns, quiet streets and pointless fun.