Yes, God was brilliant to institute a day of rest once a week.  (Ok, stating the obvious, but it’s true.)  He knew that given the time, humans would fill up every second and still wish for more.  He knew that humans can’t fill up every second every day for the rest of their lives without developing a twitch.  Therefore, He showed us how to rest.  ‘Cause we’re (at least I’m) slower learners like that.

After yesterday, I was very much in need of that rest.  Most days are full, rushed, getting home and getting the daily basics done (you know, like eating) before leaving again or before working on a project or something.  Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t nearly as busy as some people, and we do have time to rest throughout the week, yet it’s still very much one big “To Do” list that sometimes gets moved to the “To Done” list.

SATURDAYS, however, are the epitomy of busyness.  It is the day I try to cram in everything that didn’t get done throughout the week.  I love ’em, but they. are. busy.  Yesterday I had a book signing and then came home to work on refinishing the wood floor.  Caleb spent all day roofing.  I spent all afternoon on my hands and knees (and I cried at the end and threw my rag and brush down and stormed out the house…buuuuuuut that’s another story, and this is supposed to be a blessing blog.  Let’s just say the floor isn’t going very well, and I don’t have the patience of Job.  Thankfully, my husband does.)

Anywho…Sunday.  I rested.  I slept in and went to church and ate with the family (no cooking!) and came home to sleep some more.  I actually did clean house some, but it was a slow, relaxed kind of cleaning, the kind of cleaning that makes you feel better afterwards because things are no longer in chaos – so I count that as relaxing and refreshing too.  After evening church, I ran a couple easy, relaxed errands and then went home to read a book and go to bed at a decent hour.  Notice repeated words – sleep and relaxing?  Yes, just what I needed to begin another week.

‘Twas a blessing from God…but then again, they all are blessings from God (except that stupid floor).