Aaaaaahhhh, summer means the beginning of yet another seasonal tradition, SONIC!!!!  Yes, it’s seasonal, like Christmas and mom’s fudge, like fall and apple cider, like spring and Easter eggs.  I can’t go to Sonic when it’s cold, but in the heat?  Bring it on!

My Man asked me last night if I wanted to go before the softball game.  (I guess it was kinda like a mini date.)  He knows I love it.  He knows I have a weakness for sipping on an ice cold drink while watching a game.  He knows…

So we make our way to the classic, drive up.  Ohhhh, what to choose!  They’ve added so many flavors since last year.  Should I get a shake because they’re half price and yummy or a slushie or a pop or a flavored tea???  Or what about just plain ol’ ice cream or a candy bar shake thing or a blended coffee?

We decide to share a large drink.  I let him pick what to order because, like I said, The Man knows and he’s nice like that.


So, five minutes later, we pull out of the parking spot, and I’m sipping on our drink.  Oh, what is it?  Why, a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper easy on the ice, of course!  Yes, I always pull up and wonder what I’m going to order; I always sit there for several minutes weighing the choices; and 90% of the time, since I was in high school, that is my decision.

It’s a summer tradition, after all.

(Oh, but now-a-days I have to bring my own mints because Sonic changed theirs, and I don’ like ’em.  The nerve!  That’s okay.  I came prepared with a pocketful.)