On my way to work.  Driving in a pack of cars doing 60 mph.  I look to the left at the veterinarian’s building and see a strange sight.  “Hmmm,” me thinks, “What is he doing?”  A full grown man is running as fast as he can down the driveway, and just as I pass, he dives onto the pavement.  As he lays on the ground, I glimpse a  tiny little puppy in his arms.

To me, it was just about the sweetest thing I’ve seen.  And then it made me think.  Who has dived onto the pavement for me?  Who has given themselves just to help me?  I am doing a Bible study on my own this summer.  For the last couple of days, it has had me take a fifth of my life and answer questions about how God blessed me, who He has put into my life.

I am overwhelmed at how many people have dived onto the pavement for me.  Sometimes in ways they ensured my physical safety – how many times did mom tell me, “Look both ways before crossing the street.”  Or dad saying when I was learning to drive, “You’d better buckle up.”

But more often, there are the simple things.  Things like  me forgetting something I need, so someone would make a special trip just to deliver it.  Things like showing up to Sunday School and church camps and Awana and all those youth activities and someone always being there to teach or help, not to mention my parents always making sure I went.  Things like needing to talk and having a number of people always willing to take the time to listen.

I have parents and sisters and friends, both young and old.  I have nieces and nephews and sisters and brothers-in-law, both young and old (bwwahahaha!!!).   And, most importantly, I have a husband who would do just about anything for me (except watch Les Miserables…he refuses).

They have watched and taught and listened and had fun and been there for me, and, yes, sometimes, they had to run full speed and dive on the pavement for me (not literally, of course).