We both have great dads.  Dads who taught us life, dads who are are calm and teach more through actions than words, dads who work hard and expect the same out of us, dads who are always there and never ask for anything in return.

One day of thanks where everyone goes out to eat and dads end up still paying for their own meal doesn’t seem like a whole lot after what they’ve given to us.  I guess it’s the thought that counts???  But you’ll never hear our dads complain.  They like that the family is around, having fun and enjoying “their” day.  (I think that’s what they think.)




In this world that is full of part-time dads (whether it’s their fault or not) or dads who are home in name only or dads who are completely MIA or dads whose kids and wife wish they were MIA, I am continually amazed at how both Caleb and I are blessed with these men.  Ballgames and piano recitals and Sunday school programs – as kids, we just assumed that they had nothing better to do than watch our activities.  Helping us buy “new” used cars and fixing them when they broke down – doesn’t everyone’s dad do that?  And in my dad’s case, watching more chick flick movies than you could imagine (or as dad calls them, “girly movies,” and mom replies, “Darrell!  Don’t call them that!”) – I thought all men LIKED chick flick movies!

We are blessed.