So Caleb is back to roofing our house.  He and his family did half of it last year before the rain and sleet and snow.  For several months now, we have been known as the neighbors with half a roof.  Literally.  LaRaine was describing where we live to one person down the street.  “You know, the house with half a roof.”  “Oh, yeeeeeeaaaahhh.  I know the one.”  Uhuh.  We are those neighbors.

I don’t mind.  As long as the half roof is what they notice and not the back porch that just might fall off the house someday soon.

Anyway, back to the roofing.  It’s steep.  And it’s high.  I discovered this as I stood on the ground looking up.  I believe Tim G. said it’s a 45 degree angle?  Whatever angle it is, you have to have boards nailed into the roof to stand on or…literally.  No thank you.


So, Caleb called on his family to help out.  Because they’re brave and strangely willing to help out on horrible projects like that.  (Have I ever said his family is awesome?)



They came at 8:00 in the morning…and tore off three layers of shingles on one side…and sheeted it…and laid tar paper.



All in the heat of the summer sun.  All on that nasty high, steep roof.  All day.  Yes, they left our house at 7:30 that night.  As they pulled out of the drive, dirty and exhausted and hungry, I told Caleb, “I bet they hate us right now.”  “Yep,” he replied.


But they don’t.  I know they don’t.  Cause you don’t work for 11 1/2 hours in the heat and humidity for the payment of pizza, pop and all the Koolaid and water that you can drink just for the kicks of it.  You do it ’cause it’s True Love for family (or because you’re crazy but we’ll go with the love reason).