“Have me over!”

“Can I spend the night at your house?”

This is what I heard almost every time I saw these two boys.  Yes, we’ll have to do that.  Poor things, they waited and waited, and finally I had them over.


We got home, and they found the Legos.  These boys love Legos, and, glory of all glories, I found some at a garage sale just the morning before.  Now these two boys and all the other boys that come over will have something to do.  I fixed supper, and they made a car on the kitchen table.  I washed the dishes, and they poured the bucket of Legos out on the family room floor.

Oh, we did other things too, wash the car (because they like doing that and why waste good, willing energy?).  And then we watched a movie…through which they played with Legos.  Can boys multi-task after all?

“Cool!  There’s a magnifying glass!”

“I like the faces on these men.”

Aaaaahhhh, the joys of Legos, and the wonder of digging through a new pile, finding all the pieces that you don’t have.

A couple days later, I saw Axel, another little boy who likes to come around.  He looked at me and said, “I heard you have some Legos…”