Newly married in a new house – good grief, I never comprehended the number of purchases that were “necessary.”  Couches and chairs, tables and beds, washer and dry…oh, wait.  Skip the dryer.

Living without makes you realize how we can LIVE without.  Is it handy to have all the stuff?  Duh.  Is it sometimes annoying not to be able to do something without hassle?  Of course.  But there’s worse things than having to hang wet laundry on those rickity drying racks or over the couch or on the floor or on the deck rail (yeah, we’re without a clothesline too).  There are things more unhandy than making a trip to the laundry mat.  (Hey, those places aren’t as bad as you would think!  Tons of machines at your disposal.  Can you say you got all three loads of laundry dried and folded in 30 minutes?)

Buuuuuuuut, a dryer IS a blessing, a blessing I now have!  Yippity skippity!  We picked up a “new” washer a dryer last night, and they actually match!  Ok, so the dryer isn’t hooked up yet.  We need to buy a dryer plug cord, and the freezer is in the dryer spot because the freezer plugin across the room doesn’t work.  Oh well.  At least I can look at my pretty dryer.  In the meantime, I’ll be hanging my wet laundry on those drying racks, or maybe I’ll make a trip to the laundry mat…’cause I’ve learned that, really, there ARE worse things.