It is such a sweet little home, and we’re working hard on it to make it beautiful.  Translation = the ol’ girl needs a lot of work.  But that’s what we wanted, a place with character that we can fix up and love.  So, I come home last night from errand-running and grocery shopping with one plan in mind…sand the floor. Ugh.  I was tired.

…then I looked at the dirty dishes in the sink.  Ok, clean the kitchen THEN sand the floor.

…then I check the mail and see my mail order plants have arrived.  Oh, ok, so I’ll get to the floor after I plant the flowers – I don’t want them to die, after all!


…then I wander around the yard looking at the piles of lava rock and dirt and cement.  And the pile of sand in the front.  Yep, those have to be moved so I can plant the flowers.  Naaahhh, I’ll just water the un-planted flowers really good.



As I stand looking at the flowers and the sand and the lava rock and think about the flowers to be planted and the floor to be sanded, I think, “Hmmm, I wonder if I’m right in thinking there’s original beadboard under that ugly plastic siding stuff on our porch ceiling?”  That’s what I thought.

I had told Caleb earlier that, if indeed, there was that beautimous beadboard up there, then I would paint it blue, ’cause that’s what the old houses had on their porch ceilings, blue beadboard.

I’ll just peek under a corner to see.  That’s what I did.


I peeked, then I got all giddy inside.  There was BEADBOARD and it was already BLUE!!!!!  (I told you old houses had it.)

So I started another project.  And tore that old hideous plastic stuff off.


And what did Caleb say the next morning when he saw my new project?  “Good job, baby.”  Yep, I like him, ’cause he doesn’t mind when I tear into things and start new projects and don’t work on the floor like I said.  He’s a good man and I think I’ll keep him…hey, we need one person in the household to actually finish these projects I start.