I was in a bad mood, a sour mood, a I-don’t-want-to-be-around people mood.  I was just a teensy upset with The Man because he told me something true but something I didn’t like the night before.  And who wants to hear something they don’t like?  Oh, and work…I just plain ol’ didn’t want to go.  And anything and everything made me feel like crying.  Boo.  It was a no good, very bad day.

I had a list a mile long.  Needed to work on upcoming book signings and talks, had to work on household paperwork stuff, should have posted on the blog (yeah, right), had to do my work work (like the I’m getting paid to do it kind of work).  So I looked at the stacks of things and list of to-dos and I did what someone who feels like crying at the slightest remark would do…I went home.

And I found these on the table.


Seriously.  Who could stay mad or upset or blah?  Did I ever say The Man is the thoughtfulest?

The rest of the night involved my dearest and a softball game and Sonic and nephews and having a rescued turtle “leak” all over my back seat and belly laughs.  It turned out a blessed day after all…but then again, it always was.  I just hadn’t seen it.