Today was a good day, not a speck o’ bad in it.  Buuuut yesterday was so full of fun little things that I couldn’t cover in my self-imposed “one a day” blessing rule.  So I’m fudging and putting something from yesterday into today…because it’s my blog and I can.

Lunch with the King clan.  Caleb’s Granny Annie likes to get the family together once a year at Pizza Hut to catch up.  And his uncle and aunt were in town from California, so the timing was great!  I haven’t been around the extended family a whole bunch, but they are lots of fun and friendly and kind…and I like friendly and kind people, especially when they’re family, especially when they’re in-law family – double and triple bonus!

So we ate and chatted and I got to know and like them better and better.  Time flew, but it has a tendency to do that.  (I didn’t take pictures though ’cause I sort of forgot and ’cause I sort was shy about taking pictures.  But we’ll go with the forgetting excuse.)

Soooo, here are some pictures from another part of my full Saturday – working in my garden at the parent’s house.  Someday the garden at my house will be green and luscious and full of flowers, but until then, my old garden will have to fit the bill.

My mother, she was a dear to help.

My mother, she was a dear to help.


My puppy dog, Dixie.