Summer is here – aaaaaaaahhhhh, true love.  While it is not my favorite season, there is something so special about it.  I mean, can you really enjoy a picnic and homemade ice cream in January or even October???  My man and I went to a summer birthday party picnic at mom and dad’s this evening, and it truly was divine…


…dad standing in his usual spot over the grill, spatula in hand, laughing and talking with the men; a warm, slightly humid evening that cools to jacket weather as the sun sets; friends and family, talking and laughing; an old table covered with a summer tablecloth and laden with food; grilled chicken, slightly charred around the edges; homemade potato salad; freshly picked poppies, red and perky; and ice cream – homemade – with cake and strawberries and chocolate…’twas larapin.  DSC09875

Summer, I love you so.  (As long as the homemade ice cream doesn’t run out.)