Down the street there are two adorable little girls, and I am married to their uncle.  (Actually, he is married to their aunt, but it’s about the same, right?)  He likes these little girls.  He picks one up to jump on the trampoline or holds the other to keep her from crying.  He has fun with them and lets them help “drive” the pickup when we are out.  (Quit having a heart attack…it was just down the street.)

DSC09862 DSC09861

We took one of them with us on an errand.  Sitting in the pickup at the gas station, she pipes up from the back seat, “I wun canny.”  Sooooo, I took her in to get her canny – a big pink lollipop.  The girl keeps up with her brothers in playing with snakes and lizards and worms and digging in the dirt, but she likes her pink.  By the end of the evening, she had sticky canny residue in her hair, on her hands, dribbled down her front.  It was then that we returned her to her parents, ’cause that’s what aunts and uncles do.


The other little girl had to stay home, poor thing, but we shall take her one day…when she quits teething and crying and crying and teething.  Like I said, poor thing.  But we have fun with that little whippersnapper too.  Don’t be fooled by her age or her toothless smile.  She keeps up with the best of them.


We love these little girls down the street.