Meeting the  seestors and mom for coffee…such a great blessing  Although our schedules don’t allow this extremely often, it is so much fun every once in a while to sit and catch up.

We determined this time to check out Derby’s brand new Starbucks, and, in my opinion, it epitomized a true coffeehouse experience.  (Why is it that so many Starbucks have a couple tiny tables and one or two comfy chairs shoved into various corners?  Oh, and they’re always occupied.)  I was happy to see our new one had tons of seating in various forms.  Anyway…off the subject.

Our time was limited, our conversation the type where you have so much to say in so little time.

“The other day I saw…A saw?  We bought a saw at a garage sale…Oh, when we went garage saling, we ran into…I hate running but going to the gym…Yes, I talked to Jim yesterday…Sooooo, what did you see the other day?”  (Not the actual conversation but  a very true-to-life example.  :-))

Listening to us would be challenging, humorous, confusing and exhausting.  But we liked it.  Oh, and the fact that I ordered regular coffee at 9:00 pm, finished drinking it at 10:30 and got home at 11:00 DID NOT aid in my falling asleep quickly.  But it was worth it.