Helpy-selfy breakfasts were the norm growing up.  Until the last couple years, anything more than a quick bowl of cereal sufficed (and French toast on the weekends if I was feeling particularly adventurous).

Well, something I love now is that many of the mornings, the Man of the House and I eat together.  Nothing much, really.  Usually a waffle popped into the toaster and some eggs, or oatmeal if the weather is cool enough (I am not a hot weather oatmeal eater).  And coffee.  There’s always coffee no matter if the weather is cold or hot.

But Saturdays, aaaaah, Saturdays…I love the extra time to fix the full-blown breakfast.  I walked down to the meat locker to buy some fresh bacon.  The air was actually chilly and the birds were singing their hearts out.  ‘Twas a glorious day.

Back home I whipped up waffles with blueberries and scrambled eggs and bacon and coffee and juice.  Nothing like yummy food to start my day out right.  (And, yes, coffee tastes even better out of a John Wayne mug.)