I’m sitting at work on Friday.  *happy little smile*  It’s almost time to go home.  Hmmm, what shall we do tonight?  Eh, suppose we’ll work on the house a little, maybe take a walk or something like that, and I’m sure we have a movie we can watch.  It will be a typical yet relaxing evening.

But who wants typical on FRIDAY?!?!?!?!

So, me thinks, “I shall call Caleb and take him out on a date.”  And the man accepts ’cause he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by turning me down.

Such a loverly evening we did have.  Just us two out on the town.  It reminded me of when we were dating…only much, much better.  On our way home we HAD to stop by to get some Chinese with the free coupons I had.  Because who can pass up FREE and CHINESE?

Sometimes it’s wonderful to go home and relax and do nothing, and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to be spontaneous. DSC09817