I love a good bargain.  When I see something I reeeeeeally like or want at a reeeeeeeally good price, my palms get sweaty, my heart starts pounding and I get short of breath.  Pitiful, but it’s true.  I take garage saling seriously.  Anytime I need to buy something (I was going to say other than the basics, but, no, including the basics) I scrounge around on the internet looking for coupon codes, discounts, where to buy it the cheapest, etc.  I probably spend all that money I’m saving in the time it takes to find those savings.  Oh well.  I like it.

But something else that gets me excited just as much is selling stuff – stuff that is sitting around the house, unused; stuff that is worthless until someone pipes up and says, “I’ll take it.”  Due to my schedule, having a garage sale is not practical, and I really don’t like having garage sales, just going to them.  Thus Ebay and Craigslist and Amazon have been very dear friends to me for many years.  Oh, and NOW, I have discovered the joy of virtual garage sales on Facebook.  Oh, glory!  Oh, sweet joy!  I post something and then watch for responses like a little kid waiting for Christmas.  “For reals?  You want MY old, tired out, used curtains?  You want that ladder that’s been sitting in the back yard?  You’ll pay me for those dishes that have been buried for years in an unlabeled box?”

Excuse me as I leave to go dig through more boxes and closets and deep, dark hidden places for stuff to sell…