We’ve thought about it; we’ve wished; we’ve spoken of our good intentions, yet it hadn’t happened since before we were married.  However, tonight was different.  It was if God cleared a spot in the evening, as if He kept making more time despite our efforts to come up with something else to do.  Tonight, we sat down and studied God’s Word together.

Why is it that something so “simple” is so difficult to actually do?  Why is it that something so beneficial is often so neglected?  Well, to answer my own questions, I believe it’s plain ol’ selfishness and short-sightedness and “busyness.”  But tonight, we sat.  Caleb read aloud.  I read aloud.  We questioned a portion of a verse that we had read dozens of times but failed to see.  We studied the full chapter in the Bible and looked up cross references.  We discussed the implication and meaning.  We didn’t come to some great theological conclusion, but it was a simple time to grow closer to God…together.

Will we do this every day from here on out?  I wish, but, no, I am sure we won’t.  And that’s ok.  God doesn’t seek a spirit of perfection in us, He seeks a spirit of willingness, of making feeble attempts that grow throughout a lifetime.  Does this give Caleb and me a handy excuse each time we don’t take time to study His Word?  No.  But it gives us strength to keep on keeping on even when we fall short over and over.  And as a perfectionist, that gives me great encouragement for the future.