Aaaaah, the beauty of rest, of peaceful Sunday afternoons, of a time where nothing is scheduled and nothing is expected, a moment of the week when you don’t work on the “to do” list…Aaaack!  Sunday afternoons make me nervous!  (Pitiful, I know.)  I feel like I should be doing something.  I sit on the couch to read a book then jump up to wander around, looking for some small project to work on.  “No, it’s Sunday.  No worky” I tell myself.  So back to the couch with the newspaper.  Back and forth I go, but I am indeed trying to learn to enjoy this moment of respite.  And that’s what it was this Sunday.  A moment…a time of nothingness.  (Ok, so I did work on a tiny project, but it was kind of a fun project.)  I also took a nap and read the paper and sat on the couch doing nothing and visited with a friend who I haven’t seen in years (thanks Janna!) and played a game of Scrabble with my man and fixed popcorn and watched a movie with said man and his brother.  Yes, it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and yet another chance to guiltlessly enjoy the simplicity of nothingness.