So we’re still hard at work on the front room – our first real renovation of the house.  Is it really aaaalllll going to take this long?  For real now though, we are almost done…sort of.  Thus our trip to Lowes to rent THE FLOOR SANDER.

Me:  “Oh, we need blades for the saw, and sandpaper; don’t forget the sandpaper.  Yeah, I think that’s the only wood filler they have.  Oh, remember?  The tutorial said to use wood glue.  I’ll look at the stain while you get that.  Do we need to get a palm sander for the corners or will we just do that by hand?  Do you remember what stain color we need?  Oh, yeah, that’s the one.  Polyurethane.  Which one to use?  Do you see that nice paint counter guy?  There he is.  Which finish of urethane, semi-gloss or satin?  Ok, I guess I’ll just pick it.  What do you think, one brush for the urethane or two so we both can get it done?  Two?  Ok.  Oh, the sponge will work better?  Babe, the paint guy said the sponge on the handle will work much better, plus it’s cheaper and faster.  The sander.  We need to rent the sander.  Oh, that’s big.  I hope it fits in my car.  More sandpaper.  Which sandpaper do we get for this monster?  Oh, there’s the paint guy again.  He’ll help us.  You know what?  We are at $210, and I have a coupon for $25 off $250.  Let’s grab some paint.  We’ll use it later anyway.  Oh, there’s some with a rebate.  Should we get the more expensive paint that covers better with the rebate or the cheap paint that takes more coats?  Yes, I ask that every time we get some.  I also wonder it every time.  Uuuuum, ok we’ll go with the nice paint.  The total is $240?  Ack!  Leeeeet me grab one more thing.  Here’s another gallon of paint.  Total $270?  Is that with the coupon?  Oh, $250 before tax.  So basically the coupon covered the tax?  I guess that’s still a good deal.  Let’s go.  Are you suuuure  that will fit in the car?  Ok, you lift the bottom.  Don’t hurt your back!  I can’t pull it any further.  It won’t fit in the trunk?  Ok, the back seat is ready.  This is the stupidest thing we’ve done.  Why didn’t we bring the Jeep?  Is your back ok?  I don’t know why I keep asking except my family is plagued with back problems.  You’re so strong.  I’m glad you’re here.  Ok, it’s in.  Help me get out of this position.  I guess I don’t need any leg room up front.  Here I’ll sit Indian style.  Don’t have a wreck.  The floor is going to look so purdy!  Are you tired of me taking pictures?  Haha.  I know.  Are you tired?  Well, you’re just quiet.  I love you.”

Him:  “uh huh”5-22-135-22-13 25-22-13 3