Men.  Big and strong.  Possesers of the maddening ability to make manual tasks look simple.  I can pound a nail, mind you, but it takes quite a few of those pounds to get it in.  Manly men that I know, on the other hand, sink it in 2 or 3 strikes.  Maddening, I tell you.

Oh, I am so grateful for the men in my life, but I am so extremely grateful for THE man in my life.  He can build; he can roof; he can renovate; he can lift and haul and oomph anything.  The difference with my man?  He pays attention to the details.  Growing up, I became used to the males hefting and grunting and doing the dirty work and then letting the females take care of the prettyfying.  It’s not a bad arrangement by any means, but my man does it all.

The front room – he’s spackled and sanded and trimmed and stained and completely refurbished the ceiling beams.  All I had to do was say, “It looks beeeeyuteeeful, baby!”5-21-13

The path – I came home one day to find my man grunting away to put in this path.  Notice, the yard is dirt, so you can imagine the mess it was to sludge through rain and snow and ice.  Yes, a path was necessary.  Only weeks later did I step back to look at the path.  It’s no straight, get-r-done type of path.  See the curve?  Simple, yet oh so much more interesting.4-21-13 2

The chair – I was busy.  I was trying to get as much done in as little time as possible (typical).  We needed a chair upstairs.  I had a chair downstairs that temporarily would do.  I carried it up and haphazardly set it down.  The next day what do my adoring eyes see?  He had arranged it in the corner.  It would have served it’s purpose just fine set straight on next to the wall like I had it, but he “arranged” it.  Again, simple but meaningful.  4-21-13 3