I so wish I had a my camera today, but, alas, Caleb had it on his motorcycle trip.  I went out to eat at Taco Bell with the family after church.  We do it practically every Sunday.  What is special about it?

I sat with Grace and Matthew and Glorie and Matthew H.  These are my kids (except for Matthew H. who is just a good brother/friend).  These are my lilliputians who grew up.

I toted them around since I was twelve.  I had slumber parties and played in the mud.  I took them to the park and to the corn maze.  I babysat and hung out with them.  They have made birthday parties and Christmases and Easters so much more fun, for the mere sake of having kids around during holidays.

We talked about high school classes and movies relevant to older people (no more Bambi and Winnie the Pooh here).  We laughed and told stories.  I look at them and see Grace graduating in a year, Matthew finally driving, Glorie in the midst of Jr. Highedness.  I actually wanted to hang out with them, not as little kids but as peers.  My lilliputians are entering a new era, and I am so proud.