Lately I’ve been overwhelmed.  Well, in fact, my overwhelmedness comes and goes in spurts.  I am either high on top of the world, conquering my to-do list, loving life or I’m in the valley, tired, can’t do everything, poor is me.  I do have much to do, that’s true, and I’m struggling with figuring out the post-marriage schedule thing.  I haven’t managed to get it down to a science.

Anytime someone (family or friends) ask me to do something, go somewhere, etc, I get mad.  “Can’t they see that I can’t add something else to my list?!  Can’t they understand that I have enough to do?!  Can’t they tell that I am tired and overwhelmed and struggling to fit it all in?!  Don’t they realize that everyday all I want to do is go home and be with my beloved?! Don’t they know that I have a bajillion family and friends who ALL want me to go somewhere, do something…”

…I have a bajillion famiily and friends.

Let that settle in because it’s true.  I have a bajillion family and friends who want to do something with me, catch up, have fun.  I have a bajillion family and friends when so many people do not.

Can I do everything?  No.  Can I act like life is as easy as it was in my single years?  No.  Can I do things sometimes?  Absolutely.

Caleb was gone this weekend.  It was just me.  Friday night I said “yes” to Megan and Chris’ invitation to come and play games.  And it was fun.  I said “yes” to a donut and garage saling with Amanda and Meg today.  And we had fun.  I said “yes” to mom and dad’s invitation to come over and play games.  And It.Was.Fun.  And more importantly, dad said to me, “Thank you for coming.”  They were simple words, but it was the way he said it that made it special.

Life isn’t all about me.  No, I can’t let people’s desires dictate my life.  Yes, I have a husband and a house and a job, and, and, and…  But I mustn’t forget my bajillion family and friends.