It was “one of those days.”  Not the type where you roll your eyes and sigh when recounting it but one of those where you smile and relive it in your memory.

The blessings of the days were numerous.

#1 Vacation day from work.  Need I say more?  This made the day reliveable by itself.

#2 Dedicated morning to Derby City Wide Garage sale.  I take this stuff seriously, especially since we need so many things for the house.  Caleb went with me and drove the Jeep – there was no way everything would fit in my car!  I could go on and on, and I did that morning.  Caleb’s ears were tired.  I danced several jigs and sang several songs after some of the purchases.5-15-13

#3 Mid-morning donut break with the sisters, some of the kids, mom and Caleb at Dillons.  Because garage sales go with donuts.  It just is. 5-15-13 4 5-15-13 3

(It’s blurry, but even the blurriness captures the moment.)
(It’s blurry, but even the blurriness captures the moment.)

#4 A nap.  Aaaaaaah. Sweet dreams.  The first non-Sunday nap I’ve taken in ages.  Caleb and I both dozed over the noon hour.

#5 A trip to update our driver’s licenses.  Yes, it was enjoyable.  Take my word on it.

#6 A large root beer float from A & W.  Pure joy.

#7 Driving through the countryside, taking our time, discovering new roads and new places, not really finding anything interesting, Caleb talking energetically all the way.

#8 A picnic in the Waco cemetery.  I’m sorry, but cemeteries are the absolute best places for picnics.  They are shaded, peaceful, pretty and full of interesting stories.  This one didn’t disappoint.5-15-13 7 5-15-13 6

#9 A fish taco supper at 8:00, a meltdown and a calm husband.  I wanted everything to be perfect and ready and wonderful for Caleb’s last supper at home before his motorcycle trip.  I partially botched frying the fish, therefore, EVERYTHING WAS RUINED!  At least in my mind.  Caleb told me to breathe and took over.  He made it all better.

#10 Supper of fish tacos, guac and a movie.  He went to town just to get a movie he knew I would like.  He was right, I did like it…even though one part scared me so bad I had a 5 second panic reaction.  I jumped; I gasped; I jerked my arm and completely doused my face with the apple juice I had been holding – in the ear, in the hair, in my eyes.  The problem was it wasn’t a scary movie.  It was a comedy!  Caleb laughed.