I have no pictures for today – life is like that sometimes.  This evening was simple and savory, however.  The birds were singing, sun was shining, weather was gorgeous.  After working on the front room and supper cleanup, we decided to take a walk about town.  No destination, no plan, no worries.

We strolled; we poked our noses against the pane glass of abandoned down-town businesses; we walked to the end of a street and leisurely turned around and walked back; we found a pretty little pond behind the nursing home; we wandered along a street only to find it was a cul-de-sac and cut across a spillway to get back on track.  We joined our fellow Mulvane residents in enjoying the evening, enjoying the town.  We talked.  We held hands.  We loved each other.

Home was within site well after the sun had set.  My feet hurt slightly because I had chosen to wear flip flops instead of something sturdier.  Caleb ducked down and put me on his shoulders.  I squealed and worried like a little girl.  (Don’t judge.  It’s way up there!)  He jogged across the street with me balancing and squealing and holding desperately to his forehead.  He’s strong though, and he had everything under control.  He usually does.