So Caleb and I planned of FINALLY sanding the floor this Saturday.  We’ve (he’s) been working and working and working for months on this front room.  The floor is the last step, so me, being tired of this project and the mess and the ugliness despite all the work, kept pushing for the day of sanding.  (Because if you work on the final stage of the project, that must mean that you are on the final stage, right?)  Maybe not so much.  We got up, fixed breakfast, fixed coffee and had it and my purse sitting by the door.  The garage door was open, and we were ready to go to Lowes to rent the sander.  Then he decided to check into the gas pipe that was sticking up, that needed to be removed, that I ignored hoping that it would go away on its own.  Ya’ know, that prep work that takes so looooong that I hate, that he pays attention to. 

Whelp, it was decided that there was still stuff that needed attendin’ which would leave us no time for sandin’.  I was mad.  I threw a temper tantrum; I stormed off to buy some supplies from Lowes.  He patiently said nothing and went to work on the pipe.  (The poor, dear man.) 


Cutting into the floor was deemed necessary after opening the trap door in the guest bedroom and looking at the route through the crawlspace.  Ew.  I wouldn’t send a rat down there much less my wonderful man.  But guess what else we found!  Caleb lifted up some old 2 x 6 boards directly under the trap door that I had failed to notice.

5-11-13 3

What is it, you ask?  We didn’t know until later, but it was about 5 feet across, lined with cement, went down about 20 feet and had water in it.  Any clues?  It’s an old cistern!  Notice the pipe going through the board.  It leads to the kitchen/laundry room area, and outside, there’s a pipe that used to funnel rain water from the gutter.  (This info was all found out later after research, speculating and talking to peoples.)  Another interesting piece of house history.  We will fill it partially in one of these days.

Sum of our day = no sanding and still-ugly floors, but the gas pipe is now gone, other prep work worked on, some painting (by me), some trim taken off and extended (by him – I literally cried about having to redo some painting work here), and another lesson in patience and learning to work together.

5-11-13 2