I wanted a vegetable garden this year, right off.  I love to garden but have always focused my attention on flowers.  They are pretty, and dad always took care of the vegetables anyway.  Well, no longer can I rely on dad for my summer food needs.  Flowers can wait, but we must have a vegetable garden.

I picked out the spot, observed it for the right amount of sun.  Caleb, bless his heart, helped my turn it from a patch of grass into a bare plot of dirt.  I have grand visions of a formal and pretty vegetable garden.  Like I said, I’m used to the prettiness of flower gardening.  I work to set up “raised beds.”  Then I run out of the brick.  No matter.  I work in manure and leaves.  I rake; I pick out trash; I love it.

Today I stopped by the plant nursery on the way home.  It is so relaxing for me to browse plants and carefully pick them out and dream of how everything will flourish.  This, of course, is before I get the plants home and the Kansas wind and heat has worked them over.  I still dream.5-9-13 2

Tomatoes, strawberries and peppers.  These are my first beauties in my first vegetable garden.  They will grow.  They will give us delicious food.  I will make salsa and canned tomatoes and all kinds of yummy goodness with them.  It may not be as pretty as I envisioned, but that’s ok.  It’s perfect in its complete imperfectness, and that’s what I working on appreciating.5-9-13