We have a show.  It is called The Amazing Race.  I love it.  It is truly amazing.  I have watched every single season.  My dream is to someday be on The Amazing Race.

I am not a big follower of shows.  There are a few, but only one that we dedicate to watching each week.  Since we don’t have a strong enough antenna (and forget anything about having cable!), we can’t get any regular TV except for the Spanish channel.  So we watch our show on the computer either Monday or Tuesday depending on Caleb’s work schedule. This is our very first experience of watching an entire TAR season since we’ve been married.  It was wonderful.  It was fun.  It is now over.  *sob*

I used to have a nightly snack of a cinnamon roll during TAR, but when we have avocados, we make guac.  Guac is our favorite snack.  We started the guac tradition right off on our honeymoon.  We would stop by the grocery store in Puerto Rico to get something to eat for snack, breakfast, lunch.  Somehow, guacamole was suggested in the beginning, neither one of us remember who or why it was decided upon.  From that point on during the trip, we had guac every night, sometimes picking up the ingredients at the store, sometimes buying from a farmer’s market, sometimes getting them from a roadside vegetable stand from people who didn’t speak a lick of English (pointing, charades, and holding up numbers of fingers for the price were all a part of that transaction).  Anyway, guac is now our “thing,” and Caleb is the official guac maker.5-7-13

Since this was a two hour finale, I, of course, had to have two snacks.  First hour was guac; second hour was leftover strawberry shortcake. 

5-7-13 2

5-7-13 3

Oh, and our team won.  I shall miss you, Phil, in the months before Season 23.