I like food.  No, I LOVE food, especially fresh food.  It’s yummier than packaged food, it’s healthier, it’s cheaper in the long run, did I say it’s yummier?  I also love a good sale; therefore, when fruit or vegetables go on sale ($0.99/lb or less) then these two loves collide, and I get a little fruit-buying-happy.  But, really, could you resist?

          ~Strawberries for $0.99/lb – I’ve bought 20 lbs and used 5 lbs this week

          ~Bananas for $0.29/lb – this is a regular sale price and I get 1 week’s worth

          ~Kiwi for $0.99/lb – Bought 4 lbs.  I am going to eat them. I am going to   freeze them.  I am not sorry I bought them.

          ~Avocados for $0.25/each – whoohoo!  Super yummy.  Super healthy. 

          We likey guacamole.  (Say that out loud.  It’s kinda fun.)  I see us   enjoying guac when avocados are $1 or $2 a piece.  I bought 10 to go with the 20 that are in the freezer.

          ~Tomatoes, lime and cilantro – these weren’t on sale, but they are actually weekly staples due to our love of guac (see above)5-6-13 2


Did I overdo it?

Nah, I don’t think so.  Ok, well maybe a little.  But we freeze it though!  And we have smoothies or frozen fruit salad or fruit/yogurt/homemade granola snack nearly every day!  And I’ll be enjoying this fruit in the winter when it’s priced at $3.00/lb and is not really good because it’s not in season.  So we’re saving money.  Right???

5-6-13 3

That’s how I justify it.  And I will try to refrain from a grocery shopping trip next week because we really have the food we need for a couple weeks (or months)…I will refrain…after I make a quick trip to Dillons today to get some $0.99 pineapples…