They’re everywhere.  Miniature people.  Short humans that actually do or say what most of us wish we could.  I am blessed to have more than my fair share of them in my life.  And my man?  He likes them too.  I like that my man likes lilliputians.  I like that my lilliputians like my man.

We went to Long John Silvers for lunch.  Caleb sit here! Sit here!  Was the general cry.  Little Caleb punched him; Ellie hugged him; Aaron claimed him.  He sat there kids alternating between his lap and hanging off his neck.

After lunch, Caleb mentioned that Axel declared he was coming to our house.  Caleb “was not sure what your Aunt Tammy has planned.”  We thus decided to pick up Axel and Cody for the afternoon as long as I still got my nap.  I know my priorities.

Upon arrival home, Axel held up his lego set and asked Caleb, “Can you help me put this together?!”


Taken by Caleb
Taken by Caleb

I went upstairs for my nap.  An hour and half later, I sleepily came downstairs to find all three boys sprawled on the couch watching the old Transformers cartoon.  Aaaahhhh, the joys of uncles.  I would not have thought of such a fun thing to watch.  Caleb ended up skipping the gym to spend the afternoon with the boys.

5-5-13 3

5-5-13 4

We left for Cherub Choir a while later.  Caleb has been a jewel to step in and help, and this evening was our last night before summer break.  The kids were precious tonight (much better than last week when I had to talk to four parents).  Wyatt even set up chairs for “Mrs. Tammy” and “Mr. Tammy.”  They sang their hearts out in the service.  It’s nights like these that remind me how blessed I am to be able to work with them and how blessed to have friends and family who are willing to help.

Later that evening when we were at home, I told Caleb “Thank

you for playing with the boys today.”  His reply?  “I had fun.”

That’s why I love him.