Hmmmm, between city wide garage saling in sleet and rain – trust me, the finds made it worth the cold, working on the front room with Caleb, baking, having supper with family (steak supper that my dearest grilled, mind you) and an awesome concert, I was not sure which blessing to choose.  Frankly, ever since I’ve started this project, that has been a very common “problem.”

I chose………..the concert!  The Kings keep track of the Wichita pops symphony concerts that feature sound-alike musicians.  Last year was a bomb, a Motown bomb; I learned I hate Motown music, especially super loud Motown music performed by dancing Motown girls.  We ended up sitting the thing out in the lobby.  This year was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  (Try typing a period in between every letter.  It’s difficult.) 


When I heard we were going to hear Simon and Garfunkel music, I must admit, I was skeptical, especially after last year’s aforementioned bomb.  After all, you cannot create really good or even partially good music with a name like Garfunkel (the name Simon is ok, I guess, if a little blah).  Garfunkel just sounds worldly and bad.  Ok, so I misjudged without knowing.  I do that a lot.  That is why my Dearest is good for me.  I will now add Simon and Garfunkel to my repetoire of music.  (If you haven’t heard them and you remotely like good music, please, do yourself a favor and check it out, and try to ignore the ignominious name “Garfunkel”).

Credits go to someone related to Simon, Garfunkel sound-a-like people and Century II.  Not sure who gets the credit but it's not me.