Caleb worked today, so it is my errand-running day.  (Why is it that the more errands I cram into one day, the more there are to cram into the next day?  There’s no “catching up” on errands for me.)

Well, my last stop of the evening was definitely fun, definitely worth going.  ‘Twas the Derby Invasion’s last softball game of the season.  Grace and Lydia play on the team, and I was excited that it worked out for me to go.  This season has been so blech-y for softball/baseball.  If it’s not snowing or raining and the games go on as scheduled, then it’s so cold and windy.  One of their games was thirty degrees with winds strong enough to hold a blanket vertically on the dugout – a blanket plastered by wind against chain link fence makes a great wind block in thirty degrees.  *please hear the sarcasm*  I skipped that game.  Sorry, Grace and Lydia.

Anyway, this evening was actually not that bad (as long as we had blankets and our winter coats wrapped tightly around us).  Grace doth love to steal bases.  She is a daredevil.  (Stealing bases is kind of like playing the card game that we call “I Doubt It” – other people have a less Christian name for it. Teaching kids to steal and lie at an early age.  Sounds perfect!  Haha)

I did forget my camera.  I did get mad at myself.  I did consider running home to get said camera and more blankets and a hoodie and gloves.  I didn’t run home.  I robbed picture below from the Invasion website.  (Invasion, could you please put some action shots up so I can rob more pictures?)  Anywho…they won.  It was fun.  Enough said.