5-2-13 8

So it’s the beginning of the month, the beginning of another pay period.  What time is it?  Budget time!!!!!

I’m one of those nerds Dave Ramsey talks about.  I like to budget.  I enjoy keeping track of things on Excel spreadsheets.  I hate not spending money on Dressbarn sales, but I love the security of a budget and having a savings.  I prolly find security in it a wee bit too much, but that’s another issue for another time.

THANKFULLY, my husband is a willing saver too, just with more of a free spirit side to him.  Or maybe we are both savers with free spirit sides to us; we just choose to spend on different things…thus a little bit of a rub (but, honestly, just a little rub).  I am so grateful that he has actively saved for retirement for years, has saved enough for a good downpayment on our house, has saved for random savings sake, wants to pay off the house in a couple years while I’m working, doesn’t want to go into debt for a pickup, and all that fun stuff.

Here are the pictures of us recreating our budget time pose after I said, “Wait, I forgot to take my daily picture!  Act like we’re working!”  I actually love these pictures, because they caught my man laughing.  I love when he laughs.

5-2-13 2

5-2-13 3

But, no, we were not so happy during the whole budgeting time.  I had a tiny “We spending too much/we’re never going to have enough savings/that’s so wasteful” pouty trip.  At which he replied, “We’re fine, and you’re going to say, ‘I’m sorry for overreacting, baby,’ later like you always do.”  Which we are.  Which I did.  Grrr, I hate when he’s so right.

5-2-13 7

Budget is done.  We were tired.  The “insurance discussion” will just have to wait.