5-1-13 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, its May Day!!!!!

“What’s May Day?” asks Caleb.  “What’s May Day?!  You mean you never celebrated May Day?!”  “Oh, yeah, I think you mentioned something about that several years ago,” replies my man

*sigh*  What is this world coming to?

May Day:  May 1st when you make goodies or flowers, arrange them in a basket, go to a pre-determined house, quietly sneeeeeak up to the front door, deposit said basket, ring the doorbell and run like crazy to avoid being seen by the recipient.  IT’S A CELEBRATION OF SPRIIIIIING!!!!!!  And I do so love spring (we will try to forget that this year, it snowed last week and is forcasted to snow tomorrow…we will try).

We didn’t do May Day baskets every year that I was growing up (probably not even most years), but it’s one of those fond kid memories (that we probably did once or twice) that I forever carry with me.  Mom and me hiding in the Moss’ bushes, laughing, trying not to be discovered…oh the memories!

Anywho, the sneaking off to avoid being seen part is never successful for me – it’s my annual surprise that’s never a surprise anymore.  HOWEVER, I do run off just for the fun and the tradition of it, and this year – hahahaha – I had A. Getaway. Driver.  First year ever.  Yes, Caleb is in on this May Day thing.  I think he likes the whole getaway car idea too.  We’re a regular May Day Bonnie and Clyde, except we don’t steal, we give…aaaaand we don’t kill people…aaaaaand we will not someday be gunned down…ok, I guess we’re not Bonnie and Clyde.  (The whole getaway car thing is fun though.)


Happy May Day!