4-30-13 2

These pictures really didn’t happen on Tuesday, April 30; they happened on Wednesday, May 1.  I was busy Tuesday/I forgot my camera/Caleb worked/etc.  Caleb took these on Wednesday (he’s kind of sort of getting in this picture things since the camera is often laying around, so he snapped these while I got supper ready).  I like him.  He’s sweet.  But I digress…

Several things in these pics that I am thankful for.

~I like cooking.  I’m glad I have the opportunity, boy, do I have the opportunity!, to make food.  This was my attempt at lasagna.  It was a success!

~Aaaaaah, look in the window.  I picked these lilacs just an hour ago at Mom and Dad’s house.  Lilacs.  I love them.  I have always loved them.  I will always love them.  Caleb declared they smelled like a poopy diaper.  He’s weird.

~My bum.  It’s big.  The blessing????  He likes it.

~Notice the wall color?  And the rag stuffed in the vent hole above the stove? And the lack of cabinet doors? And the outdated, fruit inspired backsplash?  And even the crooked outlet by the stove?  Yes, this kitchen is SO horrible, and I am eagerly anticipating when we can renovate it.  Why is this a blessing? you ask.  We have to rip EVERYTHING out of the kitchen, that’s why.  A clean slate.  No trying to work around a previous design and such.  Yes, we can do it completely how we want.

~Oh, yes, and the loverly green Awana shirt.  Just a couple more weeks and it’s done for the year.  I’m facing some burnout of going and doing in general, so it’s hard to get up and go.  But, when I did get up and go this evening, I found out that eight kids, that’s not including the one a couple weeks ago, accepted Christ as their Savior this week.  Yes, it IS worth going.  I needed the reminder.