4-29-13 6

This is what I came home from work to.  This is why I never want to leave for work.  The man knows how to roof; the man is willing to roof; the man…oh, what am I saying?  THAT MAN HAS HIS SHIRT OFF, AND HE’S ALL MINE!!!!!

But, yes, I am so thankful that he is a man who is (a.) willing to buy “a house with character and (b.) willing to fix it up.  He may not always know how to fix it up (that’s what YouTube is for, right?), but he learns, and he learns fastly and well.

I went to work in my vegetable garden before and after supper and then worked a little in the front yard raking trash up.  All the while, I could hear or see my man working.  He doesn’t say much, which must be a man thing because dad never talked while working, but he steadily does what needs to be done.

And afterwards, we cleaned up and cuddled on the couch for our nightly TV.