It’s cold; it’s dreary; it’s Saturday – perfect day for getting up at 6:00 for garage sales!!!  ‘Tis the season for city wides. 

All morning, Christy and I traipsed around Rose Hill looking for treasures.  We found a lot of junk – what garage sale is complete without at least one table of old plastic storage containers and Corningware dishes, a jumble of outdated electronics, several boxes of cheap romance novels and a large box labled “Free!”?  Oh, but there ARE treasures admist the trash.  Like my $5 ladder that we have been needing in our renovations; a file cabinet to corral all our paper junk; a perfectly imperfect cabinet that will someday hold it’s own stash of treasures in my house. 

And a sister to slosh through the puddles and mud with, to shiver in the cold with, to stop at “just one more” with?  I am truly blessed with such a girl.  A girl who has an eye for priceless junk and who shares my love/hate relationship with “do it yourself.”  (Why would you ever buy such things as yogurt and soap and lotion and new furniture when you can make it yourself?!) 

Thank you, Lord, not only for family that lives close but also for family who actually enjoys living close!

4-27-13 2