Cuddling up on the couch watching our semi-nightly show (whatever it may be).  I could look at it as a bad habit.  TV is evil!  Daily TV in un-Christian!  Whatever…

This time is a blessing.  Working, running errands, cooking, cleaning, painting, building, doing, doing, doing.  Life is go, go, go throughout the day.  Many evenings, we quit the work, clean up and cuddle on the couch for a hour.  It is a time to relax, to just sit and do nothing, together.  I used to always be working on something while watching TV.  Good grief, you can’t waste a moment of life.  Get something done!  Multi-task!  And I still usually have a project sitting next to the couch that could be done; some nights I slowly and sporadically pick it up; many nights I just sit *gasp* next to Caleb (or on Caleb, as the case may be).

Our nightly TV time may go away at some point.  Summer is on its way, and the outdoors beckon.  Caleb is starting summer school, playing on a softball team two nights a week, and, of course, away from home various nights week for work.  These simple TV nights next to my man better be enjoyed, for they will not last forever.